Our Privacy Policy - Festify
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To keep things short, here’s what information we store about you.


We’re using Google Analytics to gather some insights into how the website is used. We anonymize IP addresses and don’t match user information beyond the current session. You can opt-out of Google Analytics using Google’s own browser plugin. To learn more about the privacy of Google Analytics, you can check Google’s help page.

Our website is hosted on Netlify. You can check their privacy policy for more information.

When you contact us using the contact form, the information you entered will be sent to us via email and stored in our inbox.

Web App

Festify is built using Firebase. When you’re using our web app, we store a cookie on your device to identify you when you’re voting. When you log in using a social service, like Spotify, Facebook or Twitter, Firebase stores basic information about you, like your username, profile picture and email address. We use your information exclusively to identify you when you’re voting in order to prevent vote cheating.

The web app also uses Google Analytics. We collect the same amount of data as on our website and don’t link analytics data to your user account.

If you want to know more, just contact us.